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First 14 inch bike from ARESBIKES




この14インチモデル、ARESBIKES FTNは別注でオーダーをいただきましたショップ

FIRST CALM様のみでの販売となりますので気になる方はお問い合わせください。

所在地: 〒566-0033 大阪府摂津市学園町2丁目7−26
電話: 072-657-8192


随時、詳細がわかれば当ARESBIKES Official Pageでもご案内させていただきます。


The collaboration model of ARESBIKES and FIRSTCALM is ARESBIKES ‘s first FTN model.

This is still a prototype bike, the frame uses aluminum No. 6000 and the U brake is also equipped as standard. The front fork, the handlebar also uses the original, This bke is completely different from the others., ARESBIKES is a 14-inch authentic flat bike that is why it is possible. We still have a large gusset on the top tube and down tube. This sample assembled for fine tuning in the temporarily set which are only underpainted for painting as well.


Text: Katsu Sera


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