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Almost finish another ARESiG


ARESiG Custom Frame







This order is from Puerto Rico’s rider,

He was riding Garuda and introduced it in instagram too.
He is a friend of ARESBIKES in South America.

At first, He ordered color of APLUS ‘s Sky Blue, but changed to yellow now.

There is a big gusset on the top tub, An image close to Hiro’s frame. Of course, the geometry is his original.

1 piece, 1 piece and by one carefully produced from the frame tubing, the delivery time is half a year, This is also a matter of course, even if it is far away the frame fee is paid in advance. I do not feel it is expensive,but I think that it is uneasy to pay 100,000 JPY to far away Japan

I am convinced that it is a trust in the world brand ARESBIKES.

It is a great pride that one frame is recorded on one page of the rider’s history which loves ARESBIKES.


Text: Katsu Sera

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